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The Swiss-German watch brand Hanhart is today the leading manufacturer of stopwatches, market leader for mechanical stopwatches and specialist in high-precision, functional instrument watches for use in the air, on the land and on the sea. It combines cutting-edge Swiss and German knowledge and skills with the long-standing tradition and expertise of its own manufactory, which has its origins in the watch business established by Johann A. Hanhart in Diessenhofen, Switzerland, in 1882.  

It was as early as 1924 that Hanhart launched the world’s first affordable mechanical stopwatch.  The great success of this stopwatch laid the foundations for further innovative technical developments, such as the complicated split-second stopwatch or an ultrafast oscillator with a balance wheel frequency of 360,000 vibrations per hour, which enabled Hanhart to become one of the first manufacturers of watches capable of measuring hundredths of a second. 

Then in 1938 a new era began – the first Hanhart chronograph model, the mono-pusher “Calibre 40”, went into production. This was followed in 1939 by the legendary pilot’s chronographs “Calibre 41” and “TachyTele”. 

Nowadays high-quality mechanical timepieces, painstakingly manufactured in numerous individual stages at the factory in Gütenbach, continue to represent an important product segment for Hanhart alongside its wide range of stopwatches for industry and sport. Just as they were used in the past for all important car races, amongst other things, now they are the essential rallying companion for ambitious vintage car drivers.

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